Food Packaging Services

Canada Food Packers provides a wide range of filling capabilities from auger filling, volumetric filling to pneumatic piston filling with heater and agitator. Services can be provided from vacuum packaging to nitrogen flushing if needed.

Canada Food Packers can help you with flexible packaging options and packaging designs. Available packaging options include but are no limited to preformed pouches, back seal pillow pouches, stick sachets, hanging ear filter drip coffee tea bags, round or square shape glass and plastic bottles, easy-open ends metal cans / plastic bottles, paper soup cups.

Horizontal Form Filling/Sealing Machines for Dry Products (Powder & Granular)

Our horizontal form filling and sealing machines are used for most dry fill products:

- Spices
- Cereals
- Confectionery
- Coffee & Teas
- Dried Fruits & Nuts
- Powdered Drink Mixes

Vertical Form Filling/Sealing Machines for Dry Products (Powder & Granular)

Our vertical form filling and sealing machines are capable of producing backside seal pillow packs in various sizes:

- Snack Foods
- Confectionery
- Cookie Mixes
- Powdered Superfood

Individually Wrapped Snacks

For dry food packaging, we are also able to do individually wrapped portions upon request for selective types of snacks:

- Cookies
- Snack Bars
- Snack Bites
- Hard Candies

Horizontal Form Pneumatic Piston Filling Machine with Heater and Agitator for Liquid & Paste

Our horizontal form pneumatic piston filling machine with heater and agitator is the perfect filling system. It is designed to deposit fluids including but not limited to honey, chili, fillings, deli salads, viscous liquid and paste (with or without chunks). The agitator ensures accurate and even distribution of products!

- Viscous Liquid
- Soup & Sauces
- Dips, Sauces & Dressings

Our flexible minimum order quantities help clients launch new products with manageable levels of inventory. When you partner with Canada Food Packers, you can work towards greater product visibility, reduced product costs, and a more efficient use of resources.